Why write?

This is simple question. Yet, I cannot find an easy answer to this question. If you are going to read the panels on the left side of your screen, you may find some answers. You can say that “this is an outlet,” that in the end the value of materializing my emotions is the only goal of this blog. We’ll maybe it is. I want to ask first if you guys have tried writing in a Diary, or perhaps in a Journal. Isn’t it fun? Especially if 10 years have passed and you found an abandoned box, full of dust, and in one blow, TADA! Your magical notebook comes out of no where. We can call it a magical time capsule. After all, in any event that you read it, it will take you back to the things that you thought you have forgotten. So what is blogging to me? Blogging is creating my digital imprint. Creating my own legacy, being able to extend memories, not only for myself, but for everyone else. This is one of the reasons why we keep on fighting, as well as why we keep on going to battles. It’s not just about how we die and rest in peace. It’s about fighting for a blue ribbon. I saw something on a friend’s wall in fb and from there, I got the inspiration and the drive to look back on what I can do, I would do. This is what I saw:

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.

Napoleon Bonaparte

What’s worth fighting for? A ribbon? Another person’s life perhaps? What about writing? What’s supposedly something worth writing for? (just to make it rhyme) A View? A Nobel? Recognition from the Netizens? Isn’t it that we write because writing is fun? I did that once during high school. I wrote things because I felt that writing is fun. In fact, it was, and it kept on being fun. Not only did i have a blank sheet as a confidant, but I was able to channel things I cannot say in public to words that I will trust they will read. They would UNDERSTAND. I found this conventional at the onset. But things gradually changed. in fact, it continues to change. Whenever we stay in touch with the cyber world, we lost contact with reality. Thus, simply put, I am here because I need to look for a leisure activity. Say for instance, speaking my mind out. Like I would write because I want my loved one to read my post everyday, even if sometimes it sucks, and makes no sense everyday. I hope that person reads this blog.

What does it imply therefore if the means of writing is removed? Filtered? Vanquished? CENSORED? Especially in the cyberworld? Then that means to create, to plant a tree, to forwards a legacy in the cyber world is practically lost. Does it limit the choice that we have, after all we have other types of medium? The thing is, the value of technology is practically removed as we take this step. If the value forwarded by the creators of the internet, CERN, is to create, motivate, and globalize communication, then we are practically buffering its realization. This is another reason why I write, I have a personal opinion. Does that coincide with the latter paragraph? No. Because Opinions are meant to be exhumed, not just blurted without any form of defense. This is one way of planting a seed in the Cyber World.

The last thing I want to do, that is why I write, is to be part of man’s knowledge, to be able to impart something that came originally from me. Simply put, if this Blog bears fruit, I shall be happy and contented, just like how happy I will be while looking and blowing over my Journal 10 years from now. Just like what the person I love does, keeps records, and let me see through the personhood held within. I just hope that I can continue doing that without secretly sneaking to things owned by that person and rampaging in front of my computer while i read posts related to the new chapter of that person’s life…



Land is near!

Hope shall bear fruit!

Then all men shall rejoice!

And men shall wept for joy!

And men shall eat ominously, devouring HOPE.

This is the product of emotion.

We cloud our judgment.

We killed Hope

We wept.



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