Promises are the root cause of all mistakes, sins, etc. It’s always with our words, our mouths, that we make mistakes we never think we can make, would make. According to one pastor (if I remember it right), the first sin committed by mankind is not eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and wisdom, rather, it’s breaking a vow. Vows, in itself is useless. But what gives them their value circumvents on 3 major things. The first would be the Promise. The second would be the Action and Intent. Lastly, is the Promise maker.

 The promise or the words used to make a promise makes a person think about possibilities. It is from here that a person deliberates, orients himself about the value of the word. The words used in a promise varies, in such a way that, if you make use of flowery words, it would make the promise look attainable, valuable, something that can be yours. On the other hand, the person to whom the promise is given must also be considered. Intelligent individuals don’t make promises. they just try their best without words of commitment. At the same time, they don’t listen to promises, because they anticipate all variables that can affect the manifestation of a condition, a criterion, or a simple action.

 The promise given is also affected by the intent and the action. If the intent is good, to others or to one’s self, then it must be of a value to be considered. The action taken to fulfill the promise must also and is also considered. Without it, the means to have the ends can make the ends useless, chaotic, trashy. With these two combined, a person thinks about a promise, and these comprises a lot in his deliberation and thinking.

The last thing that plays a major roles in promises would be the promise maker. If the promise maker is someone you do not consider practically important, then maybe the gravity of the promise is lesser or nothing to be compared at all if the promise maker is the person that you cherish the most. That is why the person we love, the person we deem a major player in our wheel of fortune, the one we think every day and every night, is the one person that we put our trust, and we think will never harm us. If, by any chance at all the promise is broken, the gravity if massive. In fact, its effects can be uncalculable, especially is things went in an incremental manner.

 The minor part that makes a promise valuable would be chance, luck, charismatic approach and manner of delivery, presentation, etc.

 Words are important. They may hold the life of another person. So, what can we say about words?

Words are something we hold on to. What we keep every single day that makes us live through life is also a word. It’s called HOPE.

 Words I Held Dear

“You told me yesterday that we’ll have breakfast.

I made Winter dinner for you and the kids.

You told me this morning that you will come home early.

I helped the housekeeper do the dishes.

The room was sunlit and warmed by Summer.

Yet, your coldness always makes me shiver.

For what a promise’s worth

Is more than a bond, more than a season’s birth.

You told me that we’ll spend time by the beach.

I went on my own, even if it’s clearly Autumn.

You told me last night that you’ll take the day off for us.

And then you pulled your ledger and locked the door.

The tinge of flowers blooming, the smell of Spring.

The feeling of longing and of emotions budding.

I held on to your words, up until now.

It was this season, you broke my bough.”



This is my work, so copyright (2012), intellectual property, ownership, all mine, except for the images.


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