I’m simply tired.

I just want peace, to remove the pain and start to rest.

Now it’s just the cold winter, with the dark skies of November.

I’ve been hurt. For many times, this glitch I tried to repair.

To no avail, I can see myself continuing then fail.

I am in denial. It’s hard to pretend to be bubbly and jovial.

I just want to leave this place, and look for a solitary moment and space.

I want to surrender, I just want to make myself better.

I want to retreat, because it’s killing me, this game’s heat.

I hope you knew, this change might be new to you.

Bear with me for a moment, because I don’t want you and I to regret.

Whatever we do, whatever you wish to happen.

I shall respect it, just like that time when you said you were leaving.

I just want to say goodbye, and to say thank you.

Because this impetus will make me better, a person you will never know I wish to be happier…


Pagod na ako.

This is my work, so copyright (2012), intellectual property, ownership, all mine, except for the images.


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