Shake Off Your Emotions!

What better keeps your cool when you’re heartbroken other than sleep?





It can come in different varieties. The day after I had my ex, we decided to try a cafe. Well, literally it is a cafe, but its location doesn’t suggest it’s one. First, it’s under the mall’s stairs, suggesting that every dirt someone shakes off from above may fall on your food. Second, it open for everyone and everything, thus, supporting my first statement, but more than that, allowing noise coming from the outside to technically kill the “feel” of your food, or drink. Setting all those aside, I FELT HEAVEN! It was the first time the shake I drank carried my soul to the other side. Just imagine this: after a sorrowful break-up, you automatically received God’s forgiving hand and touched your heart. For a moment, I felt that. If I were a ninja or a monk, I could have walked on mall’s fountain and then levitated in the air. Thanks to my friends who brought great joy when things as bad as suicidal attempts of depression reaches me.



Cliche as it may sound, it is one of the best shakes I had. In fact, it took the number 1 spot on my list. I like their Choco Mudslide and White Caramel (?) since these two are the only ones I was able to taste. So how do you eat it? First, you must taste all the parts of the shake. For example, taste the caramel fudge(?) placed atop the whip cream. Not only is it blissful, but you get to take a taste of the part that makes this drink extra especial. Then, taste the whip cream to nullify the taste of the fudge(?). At least the cream can tickle your taste buds and allow the sensation lounge in your cheeks. This’ll let you prepare for the gargantuan feeling you will take in after taking your first sip. I won’t tell anything further since I want you to taste it for yourself.




The one below is me, after taking a sip. I’ve been mocking myself recently because of a personal failure and now, all lively and happy again. It’s as if I am still in a relationship again.

Nevertheless, it still is a scapegoat from reality. Now, I must face new problems, and be prepared for the worst. I’ve been dead before, what stops death from crouching me again and me surviving another fall. As what warriors of the old say, “A master swordsman can win a fight even with a stick. He anticipates his enemy’s move, evade and attack before his enemy finds out he no longer belongs to world of the living. He wins not only because of his skills and experiences, but because he knows the value of every battle is his life, the only thing he can never have again once taken.” Simply put, master yourself, muster your strength, and be courageous to keep on living.

 Again, Carpe Diem.


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