As I stride along the shore,

I realized that all I wanted was more.

More comfort, more longing, more feeling.

More presence, more affection, more conversing.

When I thought I was in the place of solace,

Here, by the sea, I began to reminisce.

My life, it was simply a puzzle in blue,

And then you came, and changed my milieu.


Back then, I used to think I was alone.

I was scared, always on my own.

When you showed me the beauty of falling,

For the first time, I felt that blissful feeling.


In your arms, just beside you I feel happy.

I felt my world turned bright and no longer empty.

Whenever I hold your hand, I felt a company.

I felt solace, I forgot how to worry.


But I know one day things will end.

And now, I look someone who can emotionally lend.

Someone who can show me again solace.

One can help me build my  scattered pieces…


I only long for peace of mind.

And of course, someone who I can always find.

Who’s presence I will never miss, I will always trust.

Who’s love will never end, will forever last…




This is my work, so copyright (2012), intellectual property, ownership, all mine, except for the images.


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