Who is Ryan Olos?

From: Precisiondiving.net

I live in a place called Ocampo. I grew up in a rural area, so you expect me to be a bit conservative, and my morals are “promdi” type. Usually, we observe certain practices that some city goers and city folks don’t know. I used ti have an accent whenever I speak. We have our own set of terminologies that some people cannot understand. For example, Pandok would literally mean the facade of the person, the face. Yet, for other people, it’s mukha, feys, etc. Therefore, I usually feel the uniqueness that I should feel a rural folk whose geographic location is practically divided and shared by 3 different cultures. Some coming from the Rinconada Area, some from Partido, and those from Nagueño (though it is one more town away from us, the gravity of its influence can be felt up to here). That’s why, I understand Rinconada Language, I can copy the Partido accent of speaking, and well verse in the Nagueño’s version of language.

When I went to the suburbs, and urban area to learn, I experienced a cultural shock. In fact, everything was new to me and I tend to look for my grandparents, my aunt, or my mother because I was afraid. I thought things would be exciting, but what happened was different, I just got used to their absence. This is the reason why I became a bit confident about life, what I have done, been doing, I am used to the loneliness I feel every now and then. Everything changed when I feel in love. The gravity was of course downtrend. I didn’t expereince those types of failure by which I already want to commit suicide. At least I was able to answer my questions which helped me sustain myself.

I am a graduate of High School, and now taking my first degree in college. I hope I will be able to pursue my dream, but plans are plans, and my parents have lots of those for me. I can say that they only want my welfare, but I can sense the level of imposition they place on me to be someone I am not. I just hope things change once in a while. Any way, About this blog. I love the coffee color of this template. I’m used to drinking coffee with creamer or milk so this is the coffee color I am very familiar with.

I know my blog is made from a template, which connotes that other blogs may have the same formatting, the same lay-out, etc. But all of these are but the face-view of my blog. I bet, my compositions are unique and that chances are, we have different annotations about our own anthology. Right now, I’m suffering the degenerative emotional turmoil. I believe sooner or later I will be able to overcome it, especially now that I have accepted that the inevitable happened, and this in itself is a breakthrough for me to reflect on my present condition. Now, at least I’m trying to repair the relationships I may have ruined, we may have ruined, or the 2nd person ruined for us, and or, another person ruined for us. this is life, it’s a roller coaster.

From: Everythingisholynow.blogspot.com

Life is a bit unfair, but this will create a different track for you. Follow it, just like how gravity pulls you back to the ground. Sooner or later, that roller coaster drive will change, and  you will arrive in your destination, your pit stop, your goal, without you knowing it. Have fun today.



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