10 days after Break-Up

It’s been ten days. I wonder what to do, where to go, if I am only familiar with one place. The place right where you are, where I thought I should be. I want to mourn by reminding you of the ten things I miss about me and you.

10 Unforgettable Things

I remember our ring, though it was made of rubber. We both know it was symbolizing our love that became stronger.

That day of our engagement, the ring, the tangibility of our commitment.

Your smell I can still remember, it’ll lounge in my nose forever.

So that even if you’re away, as long as your fragrance stay, I will remember you everyday.

Your underwear how can I forget. At least to make this poem a bit perverted.

Your hips I can never miss, your anatomical size. Those things that made up the fiery cold September nights.

Your shirt, of course, how can I forget. That day I returned it to you made me again regret.

It meant a lot to me, even if I’ll have to let it be. Your words, this end, when two lovers become friends.

There are other things I can reminisce. Those things that put me to bliss.

Your eyes, your smile, your tender touch that make me fly. Your kiss, your lips, and your heavenly heartbeat that lift my feet.

Your eyes, it simply tantalize. My soul is touched, I’m simply mesmerize.

Now things became so cold. Even your look, your gaze, I can no longer hold.

Now, every time we meet, as if you wanna bare your teeth. Your grudge, your loathes, it gave me the dangerous bolts.

And now I can no longer enjoy your smile. Something that gives me energy to run the Nile.

Your smile that holds my emotional pile. That mighty wonder that everyday gives me the Fire.

And how I wish I can still have your touch. The one so tender in an instant it makes me feel better.

My hope, your hand, nothing works better. I know for sure, you were my 6 months lover.

Our future as parents, you used to hold. Now it crumbled, now turned out to be my heavy load.

Where do I put my hand when I feel worry? Now, where do I hold on when everything seems to kill me?

But more than that how can I forget your kiss? One of the many things that everyday I miss.

It was magical, I go positively hysterical. It was addictive, very provocative.

I only wish in public we can always kiss. I want the world to know that every second, it’s you I miss.

With your kiss is your sumptuous lips. The taste that can make me do a back-flip.

I wish you knew, you were my treasure. But I just have to ask you, did my lips and kiss, make you feel that way too?

Your sexiest appeal is your heartbeat. It’s like the source of my body heat.

I can never know what to do without it, my hearth, my soul. It’s like my favorite song in repeat.

Whenever I listen to the sound of your soul, my being always get that blow.

That blow that makes you linger, in my thoughts in my dreams, made me believe about forever.

Where did it all go? My life suddenly stuck in a flow.

In the myriad flow of emotion, I was stuck in the spot of depression.

I wish from here you know I am sorry. But even that won’t make you come back to me.

It’s been ten days since we broke-up. But still now, my spirit, mind and heart, doesn’t wanna give-up.

I still know that I love you, I still know you’re there. I also know all hope is lost, of us being together.


This is my work, so copyright (2012), intellectual property, ownership, all mine.


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