I’m simply weak

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

-Dr. Seuss

I am confronted by one of the biggest dilemmas in my life, losing an important person. Time continues to pass by. I can still sense the emptiness I felt the moment those words were given to me. The words that slowly kills my being, me being another entity in this universe. I look forward to seeing the value of pain, but as a friend tell me, I need to endure. These words always connotes suffering, connotes the idea of things not going back to the way it was, wishing everyday would be just like what we used to have before.

How can you smile while enduring something that makes you cry every time you realize its over? I need you Dr. Seuss. If only the cat in a hat lend me the guts to make things happen, conjuring a different reality, augmenting my dream. I am simply weak.

I need to hear your voice again, I need your overpowering presence, I simply need you.


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