Hope you knew

I like waking up in the morning with the orange sun touching and caressing my face, my body, and finally touching my hand. Waking up as if it’s a very special day, with the cool breeze blowing away the curtains and gently mystifying me with its sublimity. Life, i thought was very beautiful. Just like a part of me, just like my nature, i like drinking a mug of hot coffee with milk or creamer, depending on what’s available. It should be hot enough to warm me, even just with it’s arome, while i hold it, cupping my hands, feeling its heat. Then, i walk to the terrace, take a sit and feel once again the eastern wind blow gently accented by the tinge of the orange sun. This is a good morning. This was the very same morning we both woke up, sober and drugged because last night, we drank to death, laughing on the streets, and caring less who cares about us. And i take a sip of coffee, together with a smile, those days were good days, they were one of the best. Just like the last time we took a detour, and instead of going to school, we drove our way to the circus, thinking not what school is, but what school is not. And we rode every ride, and excited ourselves with surprise. We were both innocent of what we have to live out, and i again take another sip. This coffee with milk, just hot enough to fill my stomach and stimulate my brain, yet, i remembered, i only use to drink milk, until you told me to put some coffee because it taste better. And just like that, it taste so good that i turned it into a habit, just like how you entered into my life without me even wanting you in my world, and now i can’t live a normal life without you. Your just like this mug, half full coffee with milk, hot enough to warm me, just like how you warmth those nights we slept under the blue moon of the ocean, just like how we walked the lanes of the boulevard and hold our hands reaching for the stars, how in every sip of coffee with milk, i always wish, that somehow, my mug never empties, and that this will just last forever, just like how i want to wake up every morning… I hope you knew…



This is my work, so copyright (2012), intellectual property, ownership, all mine.


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