Route, detours and intersections.

This video clearly illustrates our life.

The traffic light is composed of 3 distinct and unique  bulbs illuminating  the human psyche regarding what we should do especially during busy hours, times when we forget our basic etiquette and manners, times we forget the road isn’t ours and that other drivers also would like to have their way. In time, we realize that our life is simply a path, a trail that leads to somewhere with the goal being our own vision, trying to turn our desires into the mystical reality we always want it to be. On the other account of living, this path is also full of signs and of directions. Crisscrossing with other trails, signage promoting political figures, religious insignia, and most important, that moment when the trail you are taking intersects with another trail. Your very road congruent with another person’s route. You, traveling with that one person who can understand the routes you’ve been, the signage you took notice, the insignia you blessed yourself with. Take a good look now, how many roads intertwined with yours? How may departed and took a detour, now going further and further away from us. I guess this is life, from the onset that we gain our consciousness, our road is being built, slowly, one brick at a time. Depending on which omen we took our divergence and decisions, the brick slowly makes its way to the end, to the edge. But the question will be, what will be there? Are we going to fulfill our destiny like how we see it to be? Or is it another ending that is a repertoire of a new succession of building, of manifesting our desires?

Whatever it is, I guess our life is based on our “now.” If ever the traffic light enunciates moving on, Green, then let’s take a pace that makes us appreciate life. If the Traffic light elucidates waiting, Yellow, then maybe we should reflect, try to look back, think whether we are in the right track. If life foreshadows a risk and asks us to stop, Red, then maybe the risk is something we may not be able to handle, that we should let go. But it doesn’t mean that we will be stuck. Sooner or later, just like in any other traffic jams in EDSA, maybe it will simply give us the ample time to listen to music, to relax, to remove our burden, so we are prepared to move on again. Then we go back to the first step, Green.

Life is full of detours, but sooner or later, you will meet that one perfect match you can overlap with, stay forever, and love truly. There, maybe, just a little bit of maybe, we can be genuinely happy…

This is my work, so copyright (2012), intellectual property, ownership, all mine, except for the images.


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