Dear CMFT:

Dear Christian Morality Fanatic Teacher:

I was there, simply jotting down notes, when all of a sudden, you again started to drivel about your sad boring life to infect us with your awesome level of boredom.  It’s not that i feel guilty not being as good as you are as a man. It’s not because I feel guilty that I am not as religious as you are. It simply is because you cannot stop chitchatting about your life, about how old you are in our university, and how old you are as a good person. DO I CARE?! That’s the only question I’ve been trying to fight whenever I am in your class. Because frankly, I DON’T! Yes, we get that you want us to be morally upright, but MIND YOURSELF for a single moment, because you sir, keeps on judging people. You sir, keeps on telling us how immoral we are because we talk. You sir, forgot to put yourself in our shoes and failed to realize that we cannot identify ourselves from what you are trying to mold us, to copper us with ideologies we cannot digest, to throw us the burden we didn’t wish to carry, to let us know how evil we are in your eyes, to let us know that every act we do is an act we do is immoral, to let us understand, that for the past 2 decades, you simply CANNOT COPE WITH THE CHANGE OF TIMES!

Thank you. It was a brilliant “majestification” about what you did, doing, and is going to do, and that you are going to heaven. Well I hope your space shuttle runs stray and you fall directly to the pits of Moon’s Hell. I simply hate the way you tell everyone about your old nonsensical jokes (well, not all the time), but please make sure you do make sense by relating it to the topic. I simply hate the way you stagnate us with frozen ideologies that we can never relate with our future, with our past, and most importantly, with our present. If heaven and hell are real, then I must say I’m being purged in hell for being in your mediocre class, and studying your mediocre belief. Don’t get me wrong, I respect you and your ideas. But please, STOP SHOVING THEM TO PEOPLE’S THROATS. You aren’t the only critical person around and my life doesn’t revolve around your principles. You say all non-Christians are bad, FINE! I’LL RESPECT THAT! But please do respect the fact that we live in a society that Jesus isn’t the only recognized Higher Being, and that when he came down to Earth, he never judged, and was never after us. He simply let us came to Him. Unlike sir what you are doing to us, you are imposing and you are limiting our own version of reality. Sad to say, you can’t deal with its pain. BUT F**K Y** FOR DRAGGING US TO YOUR MISERY! If you think you are one of His divine messenger, GUESS WHAT?! You are wrong and you are very inefficient assuming you are correct. You tell me that I must live a life of creed related to your creed?! YOU WISH! My life was furnished for me to decide where I am going, and I am going back to my roots, not to where you want me to be, neither to the promised land you keep on telling me. I have had of promises, and yours is quite the WORST I have encountered. DEAL WITH IT!

I am pretty sure that one day, you will realize how WRONG you were, how simple papers that dictated your future made you believe that it is the future bequeathed to you, and sooner or later, your dreams are now gone because you failed to look at life in another perspective and you settled down in your own deep resonating ugly voice, and how boxing yourself made you to a lesser person, that the society will think you were wrong all along, and that you never made your goal. SO STOP SHOVING YOUR BELIEFS TO MY THROAT. I am a formed individual. If I am better in this shape, accept me, because if you listen to the “morality” you are preaching and tormenting us everyday, you might as well know that you are not walking your talk. STOP THREATENING US WITH OUR GRADES WHEN IN FACT YOU FAIL TO DO YOUR JOB EVERY SINGLE DAY! I’ll give you an all one in your evaluation, I PROMISE.

P.S. You drive me mad with your deep, inexplicably ugly, and self-echoing voice! You can send us the book you keep on reading as you discuss, oh wait, discussion is not a word in your dictionary, you just read us the lesson from your mini blue photocopy book, VERBATIM! TAE KA!


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