I was trapped

Love is a trap. When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows

-Paulo Coelho

What would you do if you realize that the one thing you cherished the most, not only left you, but blinded you from every point of view you hallowed? What if, from the onset, that person told you that everything was real, yet, in the end, all those you believed that happened simply became the mere shambles you keep on trying to build, thinking that the past is simply a dream, another piece of memory, and you can just move on? What if the consequences of your and that person’s actions that you continue to cherish, still trickles down, and you can still feel the longing and the distance, however you try to physically separate from that person? What if, in the end, you realized that the fact that person left you, was because there are other things involved? That the promise you made are simply words never manifested as actions, and you are part of a big pawn, played (maybe), used (maybe), or simply thrown for no particular reason (maybe)? That’s gotta hurt. That, I feel that the separation we took, routed and diverged in this manner. OUCH! One big F****** OUCH!

As the quote above suggests: the moment we fall in love, and continues to root on it, we lose sight of the reality that our partneris made up of 2 natures. We are but beings so simple yet, this simplicity makes us inseparable from our natures. And yet, when we fall in love, (TANG INA!), we forget everything, we simply forget what we ought to see, we are simply blinded, and in the end we suffer from it. Whether it is a successful relationship, or a failing, or a failed one, we will see one thing in the end, we do not know our partners that much that we forget to look at their shadows. Meaning, that we were awed by them. But just like how we cope with our environment, we also cope with our sense of awesomeness of one person.We lose interest in that awesomeness, and at one point or another, even if we recuperate from it, we also have a bit of a glance on our partner’s shadows. OUCH. Maybe my partner saw something in me. Maybe I  felt that I was the one thing wrong in our relationship. But my friends, I don’t know my problem. I don’t have any problem with myself. And from my shoes, I can see the problem lies in my previous partner. I guess, there’s not reason to keep on playing the pawn game. I was used, these shambles aren’t fit to make a new life, I simply need to look at the vast new world. I hope I am not too late for anything, for not moving in quite a while.




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