Life outside the walls

I get to do something good before the beginning of the long break we are going to have on the 21st of December, an outreach. It is our early Christmas Gift to those who are considered less fortunate. It wasn’t the type of outreach I was thinking. In fact, I can say that what we did was one of a kind, and the first I was able to experience so far. Before, when do outreaches, the usual target are far flung municipalities, or areas, then simple distribution, etc. This time, even if it is not part of our “routinely” or “accustomed” outreach, we went way beyond the borders of far flung municipalities or areas, we really went to a remote area, one where houses are hundreds of meters apart, some even kilometers away, from each other.

The trip isn’t an easy one. We moved from one hill to another in about an hour to reach our destination. We used a heavy duty truck to be able to get there. Though the trip was far from being considered easy, the scenery is simply breathtaking (as well as the stench of some poultry houses). Looking at it with no windows or roofs, we took a simple gaze at the life outside our walls. One, where people live together with nature.

We can say that it’s like experiencing an alien world in your own country, and this alien world is magnificently pictured, painted in a canvass woven by pearly thread. One of the best views is the small hill covered in greens. Atop is a cow, munching slowly and tasting the humid yet cold breeze of the northeastern wind. The weather was perfect with the gray clouds looming, yet the jovial sound of leaves swaying and hitting each other makes a complicated and inexplicable type of serenity. This makes a totally different type of silence, one which will never be forgotten, forever embedded even with just one passing . Looking at the road straight ahead, it’s as if in a moment or two, the dark forest of Mt. Isarog makes you feel so small yet so significant. It makes you part of a world that is willing to accept you, one that will devour your emotions for you, and will continually replenish and rejuvenate your longing, those emptiness will simply go away. Ma’am Agnes even asked whether we want to shout all our rotten emotions. I wanted to do that. I wanted the Earth to find our how I am doing. I guess I am never prepared to do that in a crowd. Today was supposedly a happy day, I cannot lag behind that. We saw wild boars being bred in captivity in the area. Maybe it is another source of food, but it further illustrates the bond between this austere community and Gaia.

Our stresses were further removed by the joys the children were exhibiting while we were distributing goods, making them accustom to our presence, and their bottomless gratitude that we can never forget. I guess that it really made a mark in my heart. We played with them, we aided them in hygienic related topics and discussions, we simply incorporated ourselves to them. the best part about this incorporation is that no one seem to be so finicky. It was a warm welcome, it was a warm feeling of acceptance. Glad I pursued joining this year’s Outreach activity. I want to live a simple life like that. I want to be able to experience sublimity everyday. I want to find out the meaning of life outside my walls.


(pictures to follow)


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