I was suppose to write something about The Whistle,

but I did not. Rather, let’s answer a simple question, “can an answer satisfy a question?” I am not referring to scientific questions like, “How do you convert joules to watts”? Or perhaps, “How far would an atom go if ever we fly it using the LHC in Geneva?” Or maybe, a much simpler one like, “Can you explain to me in simple terms why the Noble Prize for PHYSICS didn’t go to CERN?” Theses my friends aren’t the type of normal questions we face everyday. And frankly, I am not snooty that I speak like this to people whom I am close with and talk a lot with, except if we are referring to debates of course. More so, is that we are not dealing with questions that are to shallow, like “WAZZUP?!” That’s not even a question, that is an expression for the questioner and “answerer” to talk a little bit, and perhaps hand out. that’s then a form of invitation. We are not certainly dealing with questions like, “Did you know what happened to Bilbo in The Hobbits?”, or perhaps, “OH MAY GOSH!!! Were you expecting Fat Amy’s name to be Fat Patricia in Pitch Perfect?!” Now, those are too shallow. Let’s go to the portion where things are a little bit shallow, yet, the depth is still there. For example, “It’s been a while since we talk, 3 months I guess, how have you been doing?” Now that is a hint of missing someone, a hint of wanting to get to know what happened since you started missing someone, a clue of conversing regarding life after 3 months of emptiness and not knowing life beyond 3 months. That’s a lot. Meaning to say, that we try to explore the questions between people who practically diverged, then at one point or another reunited, in any possible way mundane to us.

But in the end, are we satisfied with this? Are we even suppose to be satisfied? In a relationship that died, will die, has arisen from ashes, to arise again and build another perfect world, will simply start out, never, ever believe that questions such as “How long do you think we’re going to last?” “Do you love me, like me, or simply long for me?” “I miss you, what did you do?” HOLD ON! Why is the latter kinda off tangent? In fact it is not off tangent. In a sentimental approach towards things, especially words, so intangible and profound, the value of of which is incalculable. Not because repercussions are not predictable, it’s because its repercussions deplete other questions. Simply put, the value of feeling the abyss is there. One will say, “I always long for the feeling of the abyss, but at the same time, I long for the chance of filling it.” Everyone does. In fact, there is no single moment that someone tend to be empty, not contented with his life. We all long for that answer. I used to be like that. I never stopped myself from asking questions. Now then, I realized, the only answer I can give is simple: “Let’s face it, we will never be contented with our answers…” Reality check, as much as I would like to consider every answer I can get from my ex, from another person I courted, from one person I am jealous of, and even from God, I will never be contented. This is primarily because I spent too much thinking. That is when I realize I was about to write something about The Whistle by Franky, I think this will be my essay instead. I will simply give-up longing for things I know will never content me. A simple answer will do. I will have to settle with it, or else, I will forever regret something I shouldn’t.

The wind is getting colder, I guess. This is a sign I am becoming more aware, more filled. I hope this continues. Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I can hear thought from you.

Smiling Stresed Ball

A gift from a friend.Reminded me of contentment, of Life, or Love, of Longing, and of unattended Questions I Simply shunned away. I hope this will be a stepping stone for both of us to move on.



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