Happy Holidays!

I miss my childhood.

During these moments, usually, I’m out. I ransack every house with biscuits, food, and tell my friends to do the same to their relative’s house, and I’ll go with them to make sure that they do exactly what I do. That’s how I ransack houses. I was such a user. I practically made use of my innocence to make get what I want. Time passed by and we started drifting away from each other. It could have been good if we drifted towards the same direction, but no. Friends, people change, and so do we. We just don’t realize it. Quoting from my friend Merryl, “Hayaan mo na dear, it’s just that people change.” My wise friend keep on telling me that mistakes aren’t always a personal fault.

Life can simply misconstrue what we really want to happen. I have a sister, I hated her, and please I beg someone to implant some good genes into her. That’s a clear misinterpretation for my wish to not be lonely. Hay, How I wish Christmas to be better. I want to experience Chestnuts on an open fire, or ham on a platter smothered with glazing. It could have been better if I live in Alaska. Don’t get me wrong, I always realise my blessing. But in the end, we have to consider the fact that we always want something more.

This Christmas, I promise to set that aside, and more than that, I promise to look for a better pasture to live, and to love. Too much tears has been shed, and Christ is there for me anyway. Sabi nga ulit ni Merry, “Huwag ka ng paapekto, nahihirapan akong nahihirapan ka.” I so love those people who truly care for me.

You see, when I was a kid, never did I think of these things. I think I grew a little bit, just a little bit.

Happy holidays!


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