Social Media

(Windows turning on sound – Background music)
(Clacking sound coming from the keyboard due to the need to type the password)
First program to be opened, Internet Browser.
Top sites: Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, Mail, Google.

Funny how some of us can easily relate to this system, to this pattern of action, which is by the way very common. the reason we don’t put so much effort into looking at such is because we are being individualistic with our actions. We tend to lock ourselves in a room, open our pads, netbooks, or even our customized and overly complicated touch screen phones. This is our personal space, and we deserve to have our own sense of “privacy.” But how private are we? Isn’t privacy one of the main ingredients to foster “uniqueness?” After all, in our own isolated and private moments, we realize who we are, and we make our ideals tangible. But the thing is, what we do, is practically what almost everyone is doing. BOOM!

The on-going trend of using FB and tweeter to be able to communicate, to befriend, and to “personalize” a relationship has been up and going for more than a decade now. True enough, not everyone has the juice to continuously use Fb(mainly), and other social media sites. The thing is, even if they don’t have the juice to do that, they still try to cumber the need to do so. Let us not forget that whatever we do as a habit, and whatever keeps our ego bloated and high will always turn into a need, an ecstatic drive for us to continue using it. More than that, if the trend is in your 10 friends 7 are using this mean to be able to “connect,” then the rest will have to follow, simply because this is the newest type of interaction. In fact, as superfluous as it sounds, we are already turning this leisure into a full account of need. This is the same model that happened 20 years ago with cellphones. We make them a necessity, and now, we are way too dependent to them compared to a relatively more profound way of “connecting” and interacting. Maybe the reason why I am writing this is because I miss the old times. Playing, talking, chatting (as in gossiping), writing letters to relatives, receiving letters from them and smelling the package, the envelope and the penmanship that aureates feelings, emotions, and memories. Sad. It’s almost gone, and I guess I am to become one of those people who will miss that, but will not do anything to bring that back. I guess from here onwards, lesser time on the net, more time with the Real Life.

This is Ryan, Signing Off.


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