I’ve not written for a long time because for a long time I haven’t met the inspiration to write. Yes, sometimes we write about things, ideas, and the most striking for most would be writing about people. Blogs helped in forwarding a message, both of happiness and disdain, of sorrow and unforgettable smile, of metaphors and similes. However we try to calibrate life, there will always come a point that we are going to do something sincere, not coerced, but simply out of the wit to do something.

As far as everyone who has been updating me about their lives and theirs with mine,  it’s been ages since I found reasons to write, out of misery, missing, and even simple means of expressing. Life has offered me with a variety of flavours and months passed since one taste tickle not only my taste buds but also my memories.

There are things in this world that makes us realize of how we should hate it, but the most that will retain in our trail of understanding are those that will make us love it again. It may be part of human nature to hate negations and negative perspectives. But then again, without the bitterness of a coffee, one will not realize the honey included in it that leaves an ever expounding ambit of emotion and nostalgia. Well, I may have tasted a different type of coffee but even a dark chocolate, or onion rings may leave the same benchmark towards those who will taste them later after reading this post.

For those who have been in love for a long time, have been in love and rejected, or have been in love and rejected, the fact that you can still feel is already a boon for you to celebrate. I have to learn it the most melancholic way i know even to the point of keeping my hopes up even if I should not. But time pass by, and it’s not time that healed me but rather the fact that there is still something ahead of me, slowly, a foot at a time, dawns over my feelings replacing all the feeling of loss with fullness. It may be hard to describe but the point is the once empty and almost shambolic jar, the once thin and famished lion, is now full to brim, is now full of joy. This may be for the reason that I will be moving ahead, or this maybe because of someone. Yes, someone. Love? I hope not. It’s a companionship that entails give and take. I just hope that time and intent will show me it isn’t. Or if it is, at least it’s sincere, just like this post. The fear of eating an amaretti is there. Yes, it is delicious, up unless you realize that you are allergic to nuts.

And so the resolution is to simply wait. Until we can come up once again with a good reason to write, perhaps a reply. An impetus that will keep us writing. After all, this is the tangy journey we are embarking.


Live and Love Life.


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